New Mahindra KUV100 – Most Affordable SUV for Young Indians


Mahindra KUV100 just launched in India today at a starting price of 4.42 lakh (ex-showroom) which goes all the way up to 6.76 lakh (ex-showroom). One of the most highly-anticipated cars in India, the latest Mahindra sub-compact SUV is the home-grown automaker’s third sub-4 metre vehicle here.

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Setup your own Monitoring – Disk Space Utilization Monitoring tool for free

It is always recommended to keep tracking of the disk space utilization for you servers. This will help us to get the idea of our future requirement. There are multiple tools available for track this but you have to pay for most of them. Recently I also had similar kind of requirement and I was asked to provide the free solution for this.

There are some free tools available but all of them having some short of limitation, and also for security reason, it is not recommended to install any free tools on the server. So, I had to look for some alternatives, and I thought why we don’t use the PowerShell to get the disk space utilization details daily and kept it in MS Access database using Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010, which is available for free.


How to Setup:

First you have to download and install MS Access Database Engine. Once the installation complete, you have to create a blank database with a table name DiskUtilization which will have following field.


If you do not have MS Access installed, then you could also download and use the following blank database for Disk Utilization.

  DiskUtilization (560.0 KiB, 305 hits)

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Migrating a VMWARE VM to AWS using AWS PowerShell

In this topic we will describes the necessary steps to migrate a VMWare VM to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) using PowerShell. You could also migrate VM using AWS command line tools, but I found using PowerShell is much easier than command line tools.


Preparing VMware Guest:

There are few things need to be fix before you start migrating VM to AWS.

  • Remove all snapshots from snapshot manager.
  • Partition must be IDE – All the partition must be IDE, if anyone of them is SCSI, you have to convert it to IDE.
  • Primary system drive of the VM must be C: drive, if not you have to change it. (
  • Uninstall VMware Tools.
  • You must enable Remote Desktop and also make sure it is not getting blocked by firewall.
  • Reset local administrator password. It is always recommended to create one additional local admin user account.

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