Restrict Creator/Owner from altering NTFS permission

Target: Restrict creator / owner from altering any NTFS permission on newly created files & folders. Scenarios: Regardless of NTFS permissions, the owner, which is by default the person who creates the folder/files, can always alter the permissions. This actually causing a lot’s of problem, with this special privilege users can also block inherited permission and alter current permission. This

How to stop extracting/viewing users details from AD

There are several tools/script available for extracting all user information from AD. Any domain users can access this information by default. For an example, using following attached .vbs script, we can dump entire AD users base to a excel file with following fields. SaugataI am an IT Professional with 12+ years of experience in Windows, Storage, Backup, AWS and Azure.


For windows 2003 cluster, check my old tutorial on following link. Windows 2008 R2 Cluster Requirements: 1. Two Systems with Same Hardware Configuration. 2. Two Network Card 3. Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition on both systems with same patch level. 4. Active Directory 5. Shared Storage( SAN or iSCSI) 6. Both servers should be the member of same domain.