Custom Group Policy(GPO) for Changing Desktop Background Colour

As per requirement, we need to change all client windows (XP, and 2003) desktop BG color, but it’s impossible to change BG colour manually over 1000 desktop. So, we have to do it with an automatic process.

First we have to find out what happened on registry, while we changing Desktop BG color, and to do so, we need a tools which take a Windows Registry Snap after and before changing desktop BG color,

RegShot is the best free tools for that,


  RegShot (89.2 KiB, 559 hits)

So, finally we able to trace out that registry change,

Initially we add an extra line on logon script, to change desktop BG color to black,

It works fine on all Windows XP Machine, but not with few Windows 2000 computer, in that case we are searching for some alternative solution,
Now we decided to create a ADM file for custom group policy,  to force BG color change via GPO.

And here we are, with the following adm file we can change BG color to Black, White, Red, Brown, Yellow, Green, Sky, Brown, Blue, Dark Blue, Pink, Grey… 😛
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