USB/CDRom/Floppy/ZIP Drive Blocker (MBlock v1.0)

A tiny tools for block USB Pendrive, CDRom, Floppy Drive or ZIP Drive access to your computer. It helps you to protect your computer from virus. Recommended for cybercafe owners, home use, office use.

MBlock v1.0 – USB Pendrive Block Option

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Tiny USB Pendrive/HDD Blocker UBlock v0.3

Disable USB Pendrive/HDD in ur Computer for security, it’s more effective if you have cybercafe, u can easily able to block USB access, and prevent file copy, and protect your computer from virus.

Actually one of my friend have a cybercafe, he request me to make something which can disable USB Pen drive access from all of his client PC, so, i did make this.. Hope this might helpful to you all..

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