Mange SOLIDserver EfficientIP IPAM form PowerShell

Recently I worked on an automation for cloud infra, where I had to perform different task for AWS and Azure, and both linked with SOLIDserver EfficientIP IPAM.

For Azure : We had to use pipeline to deploy new resource group and during this deployment process EfficientIP will give the next available subnet for network creation and update its own database at every end.
For AWS : We had to sync all the newly created VPC with IPAM to track network allocation properly.

Since I always preferred to work with PowerShell, first I searched for available PowerShell Module for SOLIDserver EfficientIP and strangely nothing was available. So, the next best thing is to create your own using available API, and which I did and now it’s time to share it with rest of the works, hoping it will help others like me to prefer PowerShell :).

This PowerShell functions/module I wrote, will support following tasks.

Set-IPAMAuthURI – To store access url and credentials in the memory.
Get-IPAMQueryMaster – To query about master subnet.
Get-IPAMSubnets – To get details about subnet.
Get-IPAMFreeIP – To get next available subnet form IPAM.
New-IPAMSubnet – To create new subnet in IPAM.
Remove-IPAMSubnet – To remove existing subnet in IPAM.

I uploaded it in my Git Repository, please feel free to use and update : iAmSaugata/EfficientIP-Management-for-PowerShell: EfficientIP-Management-for-PowerShell (

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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