Migrating a VMWARE VM to AWS using AWS PowerShell

In this topic we will describes the necessary steps to migrate a VMWare VM to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) using PowerShell. You could also migrate VM using AWS command line tools, but I found using PowerShell is much easier than command line tools.


Preparing VMware Guest:

There are few things need to be fix before you start migrating VM to AWS.

  • Remove all snapshots from snapshot manager.
  • Partition must be IDE – All the partition must be IDE, if anyone of them is SCSI, you have to convert it to IDE.
  • Primary system drive of the VM must be C: drive, if not you have to change it. (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/223188)
  • Uninstall VMware Tools.
  • You must enable Remote Desktop and also make sure it is not getting blocked by firewall.
  • Reset local administrator password. It is always recommended to create one additional local admin user account.

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