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Quit smoking is really tougher than we thought, but not Impossible. And If I can do it, I am pretty much sure that you can also do it. Today, I am going to share my experience with you on how I quit smoking.

We always need some short of motivation to perform any task. This motivation could be anything, but if there was nothing to motivate, it is highly possible that you will end up with failure. So, if you really want to quit smoking, first you have to motivate yourself. If you are a smartphone user, you can download any of the following application depending on the OS installed on your smart phone.


I personally use Windows Phone (I am a big fan too), so I downloaded the KickSmoking application. In this application (on others too) you can easily set basic details such as how many cigarette you smoke daily/weekly, from when you will quit smoking, how much one cigarette packet cost, and the currency. Once you configured the app, you can give it a try for quit smoking.

This application will also show you how much you money you save after quit smoking and how your health is recovering slowly.


This type of application is very good to motivate you, and initially I was motivated too, abut after three days I again started smoking and I was really frustrated. It feels like something is missing, I was not motivated enough.

After a month, finally I identified what wrong last time I tried to quit smoking, everything was perfectly fine except there was no real money I saved, and it was just a virtual figure showing on the application. So, I gave it another try with more strong motivation. Now on whenever I feel like I need to smoke, immediately I open my wallet, collect the amount I was about to pay (in my case 11) for one cigarette and kept it into other pocket for savings, just like I used to pay that amount to the shopkeeper. So, this time it works for me.

Here is my latest status from the application, and if you interested to see my profile status, hit this link.


And here is my real motivation, after 1 wk 2 days, I saved 425 and I will keep doing this. My wireless mouse now working, and probably next week I will be buying new Logitech M235 using this money I saved from burning.

And the funny thing is, I can pay my monthly cable bill with 1 wk savings and I am really motivated this time. I am not only saving money, I am also saving myself too from lung cancer and heart disease, what about you?

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