Automatic NT-Backup (System State Backup) with retention period and e-mail notification after complete.

A simple script for automatic System State backup where you can easily set backup retention period and it also send you an e-mail notification after completion. With this script you can also archive backup log and if you wish u can also set backup log retention period. It can also set backup files with date stamp. For e.g., SysBackup_ComputerName_24-03-2009.bkf You

Automatically configure Outlook with Exchange on First Logon

Few simple steps to configure Outlook (2000/2003/2007) with MS Exchange on first logon: It’s really not so difficult to configure outlook on first logon, you just need a PRF(Microsoft Outlook profile file) file. To create PRF file you need to download Office 2003 Editions Resource Kit Tools from following location. Download And you need Office Source Setup files. After install