S3 Bucket Audit Report using AWS PowerShell Script – Secure your S3 Buckets

  If you are working on AWS environment and if you follow the news related to AWS, you will probably know there are many major data breach happened because of the human negligence, where vast amount of data kept without any protection like encryption, public access blocking. It is all because of human error. We create S3 bucket, and start

Powerful AWS Bot for automation using Telegram Bot API written in PowerShell

Sometimes back I was working on a free notification system using Telegram Bot (https://telegram.org/blog/bot-revolution), and I wrote a simple function in PowerShell, which could be use in various ways for sending instant notification to any smartphone for free (http://bit.ly/2ys1gF5). I thought what else we could do with it, and I have got an idea to use it as AWS Automation

New Feature : EC2 Instance Console Screenshot for Boot Troubleshooting

Finally a great feature add to AWS EC2 instances (HVM virtualization only), which was requested by almost everyone. Now we can take a console screenshot of any EC2 Instances. This is now available publicly. Earlier we had to log a case with AWS Support to get the AWS Console screenshot. This is a similar feature like Boot Diagnostics for Azure

Multi-Threading Super-Fast Disk Utilization Report using Background Jobs in PowerShell

Automate task using script is always helpful, it reduced human error and efforts, but sometimes it still takes a lots of time to execute same command on multiple remote servers one by one. For example, my disk utilization script, it works perfectly fine, but taking lots of time to generate report for thousands of servers. To get the result faster