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I was N8 user for last 1 year, and till now technically it’s the best phone out there on the market. I was happy with my N8.

Amazing Day 1:
After announcement of Lumia 800 from Nokia, I decided to take my chance with new Lumia 800, so I pre-ordered my Lumia with 3000/- from Nokia Store, and I was really surprised with their pre-order gift Smile.


Amazing Day 2:
I received my Lumia on 16th Dec, 2011, Initially I made a mistake while configuring Lumia with my old Live ID, coz after configuring, I failed to add my credit card information on the market place, and unable to buy any applications on the market. So re reset my phone after two days, and created an new account at the time of the initial phone configuration, and later I successfully added my credit card info to my newly created live id. So, after fixing my problem I configured all my social accounts on my Lumia, and I must say that Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) having the best social integration on it’s OS. I have a Android Tablet Acer Iconia A100 running Honeycomb 3.2 and used Gravity on my 5800 and N8, but social Integration on Mango way better than any of them out there. You can do everything from the OS itself like sharing and tag photos,  checks in, tweets, update facebook status, check profiles, and whatever you can think of Smile. People Hub is the best way to connect to your social environment.

Lumia 800 Home Screen – 1


Lumia 800 Home Screen – 2


Lumia 800 Home Screen – 3


Amazing Everyday:

You can find various applications available on Market Place, here is the list of few useful applications, hope you may find it useful.

Free Applications :
Adobe – PDF Reader
BBC News Mobile – News
NDTV – News
The Times of India – News
Board Express for TapTalk – If you are lokking for TapTalk alternative in windows phone. Smile with tongue out
Compass – A must have.
Cool Tools – Various Tools in a single application
eBay – If you like to search something on ebay, In India currently payment option not yet implemented, buy you can do almost everything on ebay, other than buying Smile
Evernote – Very good application for everyday note, you can pin notes to homescreen and sync with it’s own cloud storage.
Facebook – do you really need any extra information on this application?
Flicker – A must have to flicker users.
Foursquare – If you love to explore.
freda – If you are a e-book reader, this this application is for you.
gMaps – Google maps for windows phone, on Lumia you will get Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps, so, this one not actually required, but till I love to have alternatives Smile
IM+ – Multi Messenger.
IMDB – If you love to know the latest news on Movies.
Indian Rail Guide – Really good application for Indian Rail.
Live Cricket – A Must have for Cricket Fan
Lyrics – Best way to get lyrics for your fav songs.
Microsoft Tag – Mobile Tag reader application from Microsoft
Multitouch Test – To test your Multitouch screen
MyStocks – for Stock
Shazam – You know what it for.
SimpiRSS – Good RSS reader
SkyDrive – SkyDrive client from Microsoft
Simple Dropbox- A good Dropbox Client
Sport Tracker – For Nokia Only
Twitter – You know what it for.
WhatsApp – You know what it for.
WordPress – For blog lovers only
Youtube – For youtube
Windows Phone News – If you interested to know the latest news on windows phone 7
Talking Tiger – Fun application.

Paid Application:
(There are many paid applications are available on the market, but I only purchased following application only, I will update the list as soon I purchase more apps)
There are many paid application available, I only used Amazing! Pocket Comic Book Viewer for my TinTin comics. Smile

Free Games (XBOX Live):
Shuffle Party

Free Games (Non XBOX Live):
Chess4All – Online Chess Games
Clown College
Labyrinth Free
Shoot Buble

Paid Games (XBOX Live):
(There are many games available on the market, but I only purchased following games so far, I will update the list as soon I purchase more games)
Fruit Ninja – I love this game very much.
Hydro Thunder GO – One of the best HD games available for windows phone 7, gr8 graphics and gr8 game play with various tracks.
Jet Car Stunts WP – Another racing games if you love to perform some cool stunts Smile with tongue out

Applications Menu on Lumia 800 – 1


Applications Menu on Lumia 800 – 2


Applications Menu on Lumia 800 – 3


Applications Menu on Lumia 800 – 4


Applications Menu on Lumia 800 – 5


Applications Menu on Lumia 800 – 6


Battery Status (Homebrew Application) on Lumia 800


Facebook chat also well integrated with Windows Phone, you will get all of your online friends under your message application so that you don’t have to install any extra application for this, easy and simple to configuration and use. You will get all notification of facebook chat under message application.


Foursquare Application on Lumia 800


gMaps Application on Lumia 800


People Hub in Lumia 800 – 1

people 2

People Hub in Lumia 800 – 2


WordPress Application on Lumia 800 – 1


WordPress Application on Lumia 800 – 2


XBOX Live on Lumia 800 – 1


XBOX Live Games on Lumia 800 – 2


XBOX Live Achivements on Lumia 800 – 1


Nokia Drive on Nokia Lumia 800 – 1


Nokia Drive Navigation on Nokia Lumia 800 – 2


Nokia Maps on Nokia Lumia 800


As I already told, I had Nokia N8, and the camera of N8 really superb, but after using Nokia Lumia 800, I took few snaps with Lumia 800 on my weekend trip, and it’s camera also superb, here are few sample snaps taken with Lumia 800 Smile .

Nokia Lumia 800 Snap – 1


Nokia Lumia 800 Snap – 2


Nokia Lumia 800 Snap – 3


Nokia Lumia 800 Snap – 4


Thanks for Reading Smile.

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