Set File Association via Group Policy

Recently after installing FAX Server on our site, we are having some problem with opening received FAX file from user desktop. FAX files are .G3N/.G3F/.CTL of which .G3N and .G3F file can be opened in Windows Image Viewer and .CTL file can be opened in Notepad.

But the problem is, users have to make it their own, or we have to do it manually on all workstation across all branches. But it’s almost impossible to do so, so we have to think about some global solution.

Now we start working on creation a Group policy with which we can easily define default file association for those files and finally we created one.


Group Policy Fig -1

Group Policy Fig -2

EnjoY 🙂

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  1. Hi There,
    I am trying to make a group policy tempalte to change the default program for an already installed file extension. I was planning to modify this one, but when I import it (without altering) it creates the folder structure in GP but no keys? Any ideas?

  2. We like to use the ADM for a different application to file association, will you please tell what all changes has to be done with regards to using the ADM for another application.

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