Disable UNC Path security warning from Group Policy

Whenever you try to run any script, batch file or an executable from UNC path, it’s opening a Security Warning. Actually this will prevent you from running any application from network path.

If you are planning to deploy anything via script from network path, this security warning will prevent you from executing that.

But you can easily manage it from Domain Controller via Group Policy on Computer or User Configuration as per your requirement. Apply following GP Settings to disable this warning.

User/Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>Internet Explorer>Internet Control Panel>Security Page

Then, double click on “Site to Zone Assignment List” and the following window will appear.

After Enable click Show… button and add the source IP and its value on that field.

Note: Value 1 for Intranet zone, value 2 for Trusted Sites zone, value 3 for Internet zone and value 4 for Restricted Sites zone.

After applying this GP setting you can run any script, batch file or executable file form that IP without any security warning.

On the same way you can add any site any site (FQDN)/IP to the Intranet Zone, Internet Zone, Trusted Site or restricted sites.

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  1. I have just tested it in my XP system, and it’s working fine, Will try it on 2008 soon, and will give u a update..

    Hopefully it should work.

    Add same on Computer & Users both, then GPUPDATE /FORCE or restart ur system, Hope it will work.


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