AWS EBS Snapshots Automation (Disaster Recovery) from Windows PowerShell

It is always a good idea to reduce hardware dependencies by moving your data to the cloud. Cloud is much more flexible than traditional hardware infrastructure including VMWare. But you still have to consider the ability of recovering data as and when required. This always helps you to keep your business running with minimal interruption. In AWS, there are several

Restrict Creator/Owner from altering NTFS permission

Target: Restrict creator / owner from altering any NTFS permission on newly created files & folders. Scenarios: Regardless of NTFS permissions, the owner, which is by default the person who creates the folder/files, can always alter the permissions. This actually causing a lot’s of problem, with this special privilege users can also block inherited permission and alter current permission. This

SkyDrive Updated with Modern UI

Microsoft has announced a massive update to SkyDrive, bringing the user interface of the Windows 8 app to the website. The new SkyDrive features the new, modern design for desktop and tablet browsers with instant search, contextual toolbar, thumbnail multi-select, drag-and-drop organization, and HTML5 sorting. Pictures are now finally sorted from newest to oldest and users can specify the sort